Some of our customers using BlissRADIUS™ or BlissRADIUS Embedded™ family of products:

Air Broadband, Bloemfontein - South Africa
Airfiber Internet, Bursa - Turkey
AlterNet, Obrenovac - Serbia
Cable-Line AG - Switzerland
CipherTel, Bunbury - Australia
Connect2All, Port Macquarie - Australia, Martina Franca - Italia
Dynacomm Networks, Cape Town - South Africa
Fixnet Telekomunikasyon, Merkez - Turkey
Gardale Solutions, Cape Town - South Africa
Haverstraw Marina, NY - US
Izwi Bridge Communications, Bellville - South Africa
Mitsol, Durban - South Africa
NetLOGIC, Belgrade - Serbia
RedZone Wireless, Rockland - US
Skyfibernet, Mugla - Turkey
Techfish, Menlo Park - South Africa
Uniti Wireless PTY LTD, Adelaide - Australia
Vetta Technologies Ltd - New Zealand
Webshield, Adelaide - Australia
WiFiLink, Pachuca - Mexico
XtremeNet, Chihuahua - Mexico
BlissRADIUS Embedded™ 1.6 is out with incremental improvements and new usability features.
BlissRADIUS Embedded™ 1.5 is released with new proxy features and advanced caching for better resilience.
BlissRADIUS Embedded™ 1.4 maintenance release is out! No significant changes, lot of small fixes. And we finally updated documentation on custom integration.
BlissRADIUS Embedded™ 1.3 is released. It is incremental release with more fixes and tweaks than new features.
BlissRADIUS Embedded™ 1.2 is out! It brings many performance and stability enhancements.
BlissRADIUS Embedded™ 1.0 is out! This is important milestone that marks more than a year of successful production use. 1.0 is backward compatible with 0.x and brings incremental improvements and bug fixes.
BlissRADIUS Embedded™ 0.9 brings integration with Blesta billing. There is also a new "local" standalone mode to run program without third-party billing. Manual has been updated accordingly.