Subscription FAQ

Help! Program warns me that license expires tomorrow!

Don't be alarmed, nothing will happen tomorrow. Program will keep working after license expiration date. This give us time to solve problems like credit card renewal failures or wire transfer delays.

I just purchased subscription, when will I receive license key?

Usually in less than 24 hours. Our staff checks each purchase, there is time zone difference and some banks are slower than others. Contact us if you don't receive key by then.

Do I have to go through purchase every month or can it be automated?

Both options exist.

If you purchased product with subscription in product name then you activated automated subscription that will be renewed each month on same day without your intervention. As long as your credit card is valid with sufficient balance, subscription will be renewed and license key remotely updated to your program. It is 100% automated process. You will receive notification email when it happens.

If you purchased non-subscription monthly license then there is no automated renewal. You have to repeat purchase each month when program warns you. You can buy more than 1 month in advance if this becomes tedious.

Why did my license expire when I have subscription?

Your credit card bounced for some reason on scheduled automated renewal. We will inform you via email when we detect this so you can try purchase again. If renewal fails within 10 days then subscription will be automatically canceled. Contact us in that case so we can instruct you how to activate new subscription.

I want to upgrade/downgrade subscription, what will happen if there is time left?

We will recalculate days left using price ratio of old and new package. Eg. if you have 12 days left of subscription that costs $30/month, and want to switch to $60/month, new license will have 6 days left (30/60) * 12.

Can you change subscription or charge my credit card for me?

We can't. Our payment provider prevent us from changing subscription parameters or making any additional charges to your credit card. Only thing we can do for you is to cancel active subscription on your request.

This means that any change of license or additional charges (like support time) require action on your part to make online purchase.

Why aren't there purchase links on website?

We had them published but experience proved it is not best course of action.

There are lot of product and license options and interested clients are often unsure which one is best suited for their needs. We prefer they contact us first so we can guide them instead of them purchasing themselves something they don't need.

BlissRADIUS Embedded™ 1.7 maintenance release is out.
BlissRADIUS Embedded™ 1.6 is out with incremental improvements and new usability features.
BlissRADIUS Embedded™ 1.5 is released with new proxy features and advanced caching for better resilience.
BlissRADIUS Embedded™ 1.4 maintenance release is out! No significant changes, lot of small fixes. And we finally updated documentation on custom integration.
BlissRADIUS Embedded™ 1.3 is released. It is incremental release with more fixes and tweaks than new features.
BlissRADIUS Embedded™ 1.2 is out! It brings many performance and stability enhancements.
BlissRADIUS Embedded™ 1.0 is out! This is important milestone that marks more than a year of successful production use. 1.0 is backward compatible with 0.x and brings incremental improvements and bug fixes.
BlissRADIUS Embedded™ 0.9 brings integration with Blesta billing. There is also a new "local" standalone mode to run program without third-party billing. Manual has been updated accordingly.