BlissRADIUS(tm) - End User License Agreement http://blissradius.com

  1. Definitions

    1.1 'Document' means means this document.

    1.2 'Author' means LightBulb Software(tm).

    1.3 'Program' means all of the contents of the BlissRADIUS installation archive including executable, binary files, images, documents etc.

    1.4 'Use' or 'Using' means to download, extract archive, install, access, execute or otherwise benefit from using the functionality of the Program or any part of it, either by running server on own computer or communicating with server on remote host.

    1.5 'User' means person, business or organization Using Program.

    1.6 'License Key' means an encrypted text string containing set of parameters that affect the way Program works.

    1.7 'Database' means a collection of files in 'data' folder within Program and/or data stored on remote database back end that might contain installation specific files.

  2. Grant of License

    By Using Program, You become User. Author hereby grants User a permission to Use Program as long as User complies with terms and conditions of the Document provided herein. Any failure to comply with the terms and conditions terminates agreement immediately and may result in legal actions against User.

  3. Ownership and copyright

    The Program is property of the Author and under protection of international copyright laws.

    3.1 By Using Program User do not receive right to copy, modify, sell, claim to be theirs, reverse engineer, or use in any way for commercial or non-commercial purpose Program or any part of it, including License Key, unless explicitly specified here.

    3.2 User have right to copy installation package in unchanged form for purpose of backup or installing.

    3.3 User have right to Use Program on any number of computers provided he respect rules regarding License Keys.

    3.4 Author grants User right to copy and modify Database for purpose of backup, maintenance and Program upgrade.

  4. License Key

    User receives demo License Key included in installation package. If User wishes to have different set of parameters for Program, it must contact Author for obtaining new License Key.

    4.1 User is permitted to use License Key only on single Program installation at any given moment, unless it is demo License Key.

    4.2 User is required to provide outgoing Internet access for Program installation for sole purpose of Author being able to monitor and verify that host and licensing rules are respected.

    4.3 User is forbidden to have host machine on which Program is installed configured to incorrect date for purpose of fooling Program.

    4.4 User is forbidden to use any License Key unless it is the Key supplied to him/her by the Author.

    4.5 License Key rights are not transferable. Author forbids User to show, give away, sell or in any way provide received License Key to third party.

    4.6 By receiving License Key User do not receive ownership or copyright on any part of Program including the received License Key.

    4.7 Author grants User right to copy received License Key only for purpose of backup and safe keeping.

    4.8 Author warrants that License Key will work with all current and future versions of Program in correct manner and within specified parameters. If License Key becomes unusable due Program changes, Author is obligated to issue new License Key with identical set of parameters.

  5. No warranty

    The Program is being delivered to User 'AS IS' and Author makes no warranty as to its use or performance. Author do not and cannot warrant the performance or results User may obtain by using this Program.

  6. Limitation of liability

    In no event will Author be liable to User for any damages, claims or costs whatsoever or any consequential, indirect, incidental damages of any kind, or any lost profits that are result from the Use of Program.

  7. Limited customer service/technical support

    Author may provide support to User using electronic mail (e-mail) and telephone on User request and expense only as an act of good will unless specified differently by License Key purchase rules.

    4.1 Author makes no warranty for providing customer service or technical support in terms of availability, response time or quality of it for User that has no support purchased or whose support has expired.

    4.2 User that requires guaranteed technical support for Program can obtain it by contacting Author and making Technical Support Agreement as separate document.

  8. Program functionality and updates

    User receives Program 'AS IS' in terms of functionality and features at the time of installation or when License Key is received.

    4.1 Author provides no guarantee that Program will function correctly any time in the future from the moment of installation or moment when License Key is received.

    4.2 Author is obligated to provide updated versions of Program to User in reasonable time should the need for updated version arise.

    4.3 Author retains exclusive right for decisions on matters of Program update release intervals and priority of changes done to Program.

    4.4 Author is not obligated to make changes to Program whatsoever on request from User, whether or not that may be implied or expected trough verbal or written form, either personally or trough official Program website, unless Feature Request Agreement as separate and signed document is made between Author and User.

  9. Agreement termination

    4.1 Failure to comply to this Document terminates all obligations from Author to User.

    4.2 User may terminate agreement made by this Document at any time by destroying the Program installation and License Key.

    4.3 This agreement is terminated automatically in case of Program development termination (see below).

    4.4 Author grants User full copy rights on Database in case of agreement termination, except for License Key contained within Database. License Key must be removed and destroyed.

  10. Program development termination

    Author warrants that in event Program development is ended, either by Authors decision or by circumstances beyond of Authors control, User will receive source code of Program.

    Source code will be released under GPL license, which obligates User to provide original or modified source code to any third party that requests for it (see details of General Public License) free of charge.

I hereby acknowledge that I have read and understand the Document and agree that the action of installing or executing the Program is an acknowledgment of my agreement to be bound by the terms and conditions of the Document. I also acknowledge and agree that this Document is the complete and exclusive statement of the agreement between Author and myself and that the Document supersedes any prior or contemporaneous agreement between Author and myself.

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