05. WHMCS integration manual

WHMCS integration manual

This document is not WHMCS usage manual. Purpose of this document is to inform user on subject of integrating BlissRADIUS with WHMCS. For detailed information on how WHMCS works visit WHMCS documentation center Knowledge on subjects of Products and Services and Automation Settings can greatly help.

Integration overview

Installing and upgrade

WHMCS now has BlissRADIUS module integrated and both sides are opened for communication.

There is no need for copying files again after upgrading BlissRADIUS. WHMCS module will make sure local files on WHMCS server are in sync with new version of BlissRADIUS.

There might be need to re-check all product module settings. Next chapter descibes it in detail.

Product setup

If BlissRADIUS upgrade adds new fields to Module Settings then you must check and re-save all products again, even if you make no changes. Reason is that WHMCS populates new fields with incorrect default values, leading to undesirable results. Always check BlissRADIUS change log for this.

Custom fields

There are number of parameters that can be set on per-user level using WHMCS custom fields thus overriding product parameters. Keep in mind that those fields may or may not be visible during purchase and that they can not influence price (use configurable options for that).

You have to set up custom fields for each product separately under 'Custom fields' tab of Product/Services edit page.

Available custom parameters are listed below. Fields must be named exactly as specified.

Configurable options

Configurable options serve same purpose as custom fields. Main difference is that they can change purchase price depending of value entered/selected.

To create configurable options go to Setup > Products/Services > Configurable Options, create new option group and assign it to 'Internet service' product.

Available configurable options are listed below. Fields must be named exactly as specified.

Product ordering

Select client and place a new order for 'Internet service'. Once product is activated, new user account should be visible in BlissRADIUS users report.

If you want to enable clients to change options after purchase (eg. top up their gigabyte or time limit, like shown on image) then you must enable it for each product separately under 'Upgrades' tab on product edit page.

Service management

Any change to user data would require call to appropriate service action from WHMCS admin portal. Eg. changing username would require 'Save', then 'Change Username' service action. Same goes for password and 'Change Password' or product change, rate, time or usage limits and 'Change Package' action. If username is not set, clients e-mail is used by default. Configuration options will be grouped together (marked red in picture) as well as custom fields (marked green).

Most, if not all actions require apropriate button (marked blue) to be clicked after 'Save'. Always keep an eye on actual user details (marked yellow). Values like username or password that are in input fields may differ from actual user details (marked yellow) if sync is not done properly or desired username is not available.

If you want to delete single service, you must call 'Terminate' action first. Deleting client will remove all associated services (BlissRADIUS user accounts) but deleting single service without 'Terminate' call will not.

If you set service to be reoccurring, each scheduled 'Renew' action will by default reset usage to zero and limits to starting values. This can be changed in product settings.

For more information refer to WHMCS user documentation.

Automated renewal

For reoccuring services WHMCS integration works using BlissRADIUS internal scheduler. This feature is in effect since BlissRADIUS version 3.5.11 and changes old behaviour that relied on WHMCS renew module actions.

Renewal is controled by 'Auto Renew' field in 'Setup > Products/Services > Edit > Module' tab . Service is renewed shortly before it expires (Service Duration is reached). 'copy' and 'reset' flags control if limits are to be copied from previous service or reset to product default.

Keep in mind:

Client portal

Log in to client portal with user you just added Service to. Under 'My Services' select 'RADIUS - Internet service'. Service statistics are displayed, along with link to BlissRADIUS client portal for a complete overview.

Security considerations

BlissRADIUS admin portal should be available only to system administrators and operators. It should not be publicly accessible from Internet.

BlissRADIUS client portal should be publicly available, thus enabling anyone using WHMCS client portal to simultaneously access both services.

BlissRADIUS Embedded™ 1.7 maintenance release is out.
BlissRADIUS Embedded™ 1.6 is out with incremental improvements and new usability features.
BlissRADIUS Embedded™ 1.5 is released with new proxy features and advanced caching for better resilience.
BlissRADIUS Embedded™ 1.4 maintenance release is out! No significant changes, lot of small fixes. And we finally updated documentation on custom integration.
BlissRADIUS Embedded™ 1.3 is released. It is incremental release with more fixes and tweaks than new features.
BlissRADIUS Embedded™ 1.2 is out! It brings many performance and stability enhancements.
BlissRADIUS Embedded™ 1.0 is out! This is important milestone that marks more than a year of successful production use. 1.0 is backward compatible with 0.x and brings incremental improvements and bug fixes.
BlissRADIUS Embedded™ 0.9 brings integration with Blesta billing. There is also a new "local" standalone mode to run program without third-party billing. Manual has been updated accordingly.