BlissRADIUS Embedded is modular, high performance RADIUS built for embedding in existing provisioning software like WHMCS, Blesta or your own built solution. It is intended to work invisible in background and be controlled via host's user interface. If required, BlissRADIUS Embedded can work in local mode without third party billing software.

Works with

Let us know if you need support for other solutions. BlissRADIUS Embedded is built for easy integration with third party apps.


Integrated RFC compliant RADIUS server that is required for Internet billing.

NAS server compatibility:

Relation to BlissRADIUS

This project has grown out of BlissRADIUS and is not intended as replacement but as a substitute in most situations as it is more flexible. Monthly licenses and prices are compatible with BlissRADIUS and license keys shared interchangeably.

System Requirements

Modern Linux, Window, Darwin (MacOS) or BSD flavor Unix for server. Web browser for client access. For detailed instructions read manual. Check compatibility with third party software used with program.

Demo and installation notes

Downloadable demo is available for all operating systems listed. Follow installation instruction from manual. Demo comes with all features included and unlimited time period. Only limit is 5 concurrent online sessions, there are no other restrictions.

BlissRADIUS Embedded™ 1.7 maintenance release is out.
BlissRADIUS Embedded™ 1.6 is out with incremental improvements and new usability features.
BlissRADIUS Embedded™ 1.5 is released with new proxy features and advanced caching for better resilience.
BlissRADIUS Embedded™ 1.4 maintenance release is out! No significant changes, lot of small fixes. And we finally updated documentation on custom integration.
BlissRADIUS Embedded™ 1.3 is released. It is incremental release with more fixes and tweaks than new features.
BlissRADIUS Embedded™ 1.2 is out! It brings many performance and stability enhancements.
BlissRADIUS Embedded™ 1.0 is out! This is important milestone that marks more than a year of successful production use. 1.0 is backward compatible with 0.x and brings incremental improvements and bug fixes.
BlissRADIUS Embedded™ 0.9 brings integration with Blesta billing. There is also a new "local" standalone mode to run program without third-party billing. Manual has been updated accordingly.