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Price: USD 250 Version: 3.8.411
Released: 2014-07-15 (17 days ago)
PAD File

Windows executable (13.8 MB)
Linux shell script (5.7 MB)

Installation Manual - HTML
Quick Tutorial - HTML
WHMCS Integration Guide - HTML

Do you need Voice over IP (VoIP) support in BlissRADIUS?

New, monthly licenses for BlissRADIUS are available at the store. You can now use BlissRADIUS and pay as you go.
Low cost, high performance RADIUS billing solution that runs on Linux and Windows, comes with automated installer, backup system, 1 year of free support with license purchase and intergrated with WHMCS billing solution for starting price of only $15 per month

Facts about BlissRADIUS™

  • High performance RADIUS billing solution for Internet Service Providers
  • Affordable price and flexible license packages for varying and unlimited number of clients
  • Cross platform design that works on Windows and Linux equally reliable
  • Simple installation and upgrade using automated executable installer like any modern desktop application
  • Has no special dependencies and it will work on any platform with freshly installed, clean, operating system
  • Managed using a web browser from any computer in network, with separate admin and client web portal with plenty of useful info
  • Data is stored safely in PostgreSQL server, most advanced open source database engine renown for speed and reliability
  • Works with Cisco, MikroTik, ChilliSpot or any other RFC compliant Network Access Server (NAS)
  • PAP, CHAP, MS-CHAP, MS-CHAP-V2, Digest or MAC/CallingID authentication schemes supported
  • Client packages can be generated by different limiting factors - like daily, monthly or yearly subscription, separate upload, download and total megabyte limit or hourly limit - you can even combine all these criteria in single package!
  • Automatic termination of sessions that have reached their time or megabyte limit
  • Clients can be assigned all known RADIUS attributes, IPv4 or IPv6 address and it can be fine grained - on global, client package or NAS level or for each client separately
  • Has built in, configurable automated backup and restore system that stores data both locally and remotely on FTP server so disaster recovery can be done within minutes
  • Core is based on high performance, RFC compliant RADIUS server that can handle up to 1000 requests per second
  • Multilingual support with new translations easily added and edited using built in gui or be imported from third party automated translation tools
  • Integrated mass e-mail and mass SMS sending and automated notifications when clients account is about to expire or when desired percent of MB limit has ben reached
  • Has basic billing functionality, but if you have special needs, then you will be glad to know it is able to interface with specialized third party solutions like WHMCS
  • Clients can check their wireless signal strength using web portal
  • Clients can self register by sending SMS message and start using internet in seconds
  • Multilevel access rights for web portal for different operator roles
  • Has reseller option if you need distributed sales network
  • Program is thoroughly tested and in heavy production for last 5 years on many different deployments
  • Has freely downloadable demo available without time limit with all features fully licensed version has included, with only limitation in number of clients (max of 5 authenticated for any given moment)
  • And much more...

Facts about WHMCS integration

  • Multiple WHMCS hosts can be connected to single BlissRADIUS™ server
  • All built in actions supported (create, suspend, unsuspend, terminate, renew, change password, change package) and some additional as well (change username for checking uniqueness)
  • Rate, time and usage limiting with selective upload, download or total GB transfer limit
  • You can use reoccurring services to reset usage and limits each month or other time you desire, or schedule termination of service after period of time
  • All factors are overrideable using WHMCS product configuration options and service custom fields - each order can have variable price depending on quantity of items purchased or rate selected
  • Once you initially setup module, clients and products are managed using WHMCS portal, with actions like setting framed IP address pools, RADIUS attributes, disconnect rules or limiting number of simultaneous sessions per username
  • Automated remote disconnection in event of suspend, terminate or package upgrade, MB or time limit reached or client deletion
  • Full client side features - password changing, access to BlissRADIUS™ client portal with usage records, wireless registrations, online sessions etc.
  • HotSpot self registration of clients
  • New features are added and enhanced daily

And let us not forget...

  • You get 1 month of full speed test period license, with no obligations to buy whatsoever
  • It comes with 1 year free basic support every time you encounter a bug, need help with restoring backup or just have something to ask

System Requirements

Windows (XP or newer) or Linux (RedHat, CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu etc.). 32-bit and 64-bit platforms are supported.

Installation Notes

Download apropriate demo installer for your OS, run it and follow instructions. Once installed, login to web portal at http://localhost:8800 using admin as username and password.

Demo Limitations

You are free to use program with included demo license as long as you like. You have limited number of database users (20) and concurrent connections (5). Demo contains all the functionality and addons that has a fully licensed version.

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