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Price: USD 250 Version: 3.15
Released: 2015-11-13 (15 days ago)

Windows executable (13.8 MB)
Linux shell script (5.7 MB)

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High performance RADIUS billing solution that runs on Linux and Windows, comes with automated installer, backup system, lifetime of upgrades and bug fixes and integration with WHMCS billing solution.

Facts about BlissRADIUS™

Facts about WHMCS integration

Integration with different platforms

BlissRADIUS can be only integrated with WHMCS. If you need to connect it with different billing solutions (like HostBill or even your own) then you might be interested in our separate product BlissRADIUS Embedded. It is built for easy integration with third party apps.

System Requirements

Windows (XP or newer) or Linux (RedHat, CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu etc.). 32-bit and 64-bit platforms are supported.

Installation Notes

Download appropriate demo installer for your OS, run it and follow instructions. Once installed, login to web portal at http://localhost:8800 using admin as username and password.

Demo Limitations

You are free to use program with included demo license as long as you like. You have limited number of database users (20) and concurrent connections (5). Demo contains all the functionality and addons that has a fully licensed version.

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