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We are small software company that specialize in commercial and free software for small businesses and home users.

We also provide custom software development and consultation services.

And we try to have fun while doing the job we like the most.

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For Internet Service Providers, small or medium business with requirements for RADIUS authentication and accounting of large number of users. Or medium number of them. Or not so many. Or only if it means keeping under control those few annoying neighbors or friends you share your link with - BlissRADIUS™ will do the job!
BlissRADIUS Embedded™
If you need RADIUS but already have client provisioning setup like WHMCS or Blesta or your own home made solution you are proud of, and you don't want to migrate to anything else - then try BlissRADIUS Embedded. Just plug it in and it will work out of the box!
Home or business users that have those folders with special stuff you want to keep safe! But not on the same computer, because we all now that local backups are no backups!
BlissRADIUS Embedded™ 1.8 is out with performance enhancements.
BlissRADIUS Embedded™ 1.7 maintenance release is out.
BlissRADIUS Embedded™ 1.6 is out with incremental improvements and new usability features.
BlissRADIUS Embedded™ 1.5 is released with new proxy features and advanced caching for better resilience.
BlissRADIUS Embedded™ 1.4 maintenance release is out! No significant changes, lot of small fixes. And we finally updated documentation on custom integration.
BlissRADIUS Embedded™ 1.3 is released. It is incremental release with more fixes and tweaks than new features.
BlissRADIUS Embedded™ 1.2 is out! It brings many performance and stability enhancements.
BlissRADIUS Embedded™ 1.0 is out! This is important milestone that marks more than a year of successful production use. 1.0 is backward compatible with 0.x and brings incremental improvements and bug fixes.
BlissRADIUS Embedded™ 0.9 brings integration with Blesta billing. There is also a new "local" standalone mode to run program without third-party billing. Manual has been updated accordingly.